June 14th, 2002
Diamondbacks at Brewers


At the worst field on earth other than a sandlot in the Yukon, the Brewers came within 2 minutes of defaulting as Dave Rivers got to the field just in time to give the Brewers 9 players. When the teams finally got the game going, Brewers starter Matt Beelen promptly mowed through the Diamondbacks lineup over the first 5 innings, giving up just 1 hit and 2 walks.

Meanwhile, Diamondbacks starter Brian Merkel pitched well also but got let down by the defence behind him as the Brewers scored just 1 earned run over his 6 innings pitched. The Brewers got 2 runs in the first inning when Joe Beelen hit a 2-RBI single to score 2 un-earned runs. In the second, the Brewers again scored 2 un-earned runs.

Merkel then settled down and only gave up 1 more run over the next 4 innings. The lone run coming in the 5th via a Sean Lecuyer double and Hank Beelen RBI single. The game went into the 6th inning with the Brewers up 5-0 but then the roof fell in for the Brewers. The DBacks managed 5 hits, 1 walk and got 2 Brewer errors to plate 6 runs in the inning, 1 earned to give the DBacks a 6-5 lead. After the Brewers failed to score in the 6th and the DBacks drew a blank in the 7th, the DBacks looked to nail down their first win of 2002 in the 7th.

But, after Geoff Magnus cashed in Lecuyer from second base to tie the game with a single, an error then scored Magnus to give the Brewers a lucky 7-6 win.

Player of the Game: Sean Lecuyer....2/4, 3 runs, stolen base, double.