2003 Statistics

Below are all statistics that I was able to find on my computer for 2003, I did have more than what shows below but they have been deleted or lost on my computer. If you have final statistics for your team and they are not posted below, please email them to ncbl@rogers.com, thanks.
final stats posted
partial stats posted
stats not posted

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Tier 1 Leaderboard Tier 2 Leaderboard Tier 3 Leaderboard Tier 4 Leaderboard
Braves Volant Braumeisters Brewskies
Brewers Mustangs Chiefs Coyotes
Cardinals Stingrays Dragons Crickets
Kanata Storm Gryphons Dukes
Mudd Sundevils CFR Elite Hurricanes
Panthers Winchester Eagles Knights
Red Sox Metcalfe Raiders
Silverbacks Rockets
Diamondbacks Sharks
Sweat Sox