2009 NCBL Award Nominations
Winners to be announced at League Banquet on October 23rd
Team Stats
Tier 1 Leaderboard
Tier 1
Most Valuable Player
Team Player
Braves Rob Latulippe
Once again Rob's numbers led the Braves' pathetic offence, which averaged just under 3 runs per game. His numbers rival any batter in the league, and his defence is among the best in Tier 1.  Led the league in slugging, and was second in Hr's, doubles, batting average, and on-base percentage. Looking to defend his MVP award from last year. We'll call him Andre Dawson for the sake of this award this year.
Brewers Adam Oattes
Adam was the Brewers top hitter and had the best ERA on the team pitching.  Hitting 3rd in the lineup most of the year, Adam was the Brewers main run producer, leading in RBI, hits, and batting average.  As his RBI's attest, he was the Brewers top clutch hitter as well. On the pitching side, he pitched 22 innings with a 1.91 ERA with a 2-0 record and 0.95 WHIP!! Without Adam, the Brewers would not have won the 2009 pennant!
Cardinals Dave Barnes
Cubs Jeff Gordon
Diamondbacks Dave Steffler
In addition to his pitching performance this year, Wins (5), IP (44 2/3), K's (51), ERA (1.72), and WHIP (0.89), Dave contributed offensively to the teams success batting .381 with a .460 OBP.  Dave played a solid shortstop and third base  and was a leader on and off the field. 
Gryphons Kevin Brunet
After winning our team’s Rookie of the Year award last year, Kevin took a step forward this year to become one of the NCBL’s premier two-way players.  His .409 BA and .536 OBP (5th in Tier) were no flukes as there wasn’t a single game when KB was in the lineup that he didn’t get on base.  KB also anchored our pitching staff with 41 IP and a 2.56 ERA and 1.32 WHIP, both narrowly missing the Tier’s top 10, and played stellar defence at three infield positions.  KB was the unanimous choice of his teammates as MVP, and a silver lining in an otherwise very cloudy Gryphon 2009.    
Marc Sports Richard Jr Leduc
After 2 years without playing, Junior Leduc is back this year and made a difference, he was helping J-F
D’aoust with the coaching, he bring some leadership, and finish with impressive stats...
85 PA, 80 AB, 41 H, 33 (1B), 7 (2B), 1 (3B), 4 BB, 21 RBI, 21 RUNS, 513 BA, 24 SB (13 GAMES IN A ROW WITH AT LEAST 1 SINGLE )
Only 3 error on defence, he got 9 2/3 IP, 9 K, 0.725 ERA...
Panthers Kevin Miller
Led Panthers in hits, AVG, SLUG, ONB….8th in Tier in hits, 2nd in Doubles, 2nd in HR, 4th in Slugging
Ponies Ryan Kerstens
Selects Cam Pelton
Cam was one of the top hitters in the league this year. He hit for a .462 average, led the team in hits and was second on the team in RBI’s. Cam was also one of our best fielders playing a slick as snot shortstop. 
Best Batter
Team Player
Braves Rob Latulippe
If Rob is not the MVP of the league, he should win the best batter. Other than Avg., his overall offensive numbers combined make him the best candidate for this award.

Brewers Adam Oattes
Adam was unbelievably consistent in 2009.  The Brewers top clutch hitter, only struck out 5 times in 85 plate appearances, and by far led the Brewers in RBI with 19.
Cardinals Felix Septimo
Cubs Jeff Gordon
Diamondbacks Marc St-Hilaire
Marc led the Dbacks in many offensive categories including Hits (23), RBI (16) Avg. (.442), OBP (.492), and 2B (7).   He also scored 15 runs and stole 6 bases.  Marc is an example of a classic clutch hitter, coming through in the most critical of situations and contributing to the DBacks offense on a nightly basis.
Gryphons Kevin Brunet
His .409 BA was 10th in Tier, .500 slugging percentage equally 10th, and his .536 OBP was 5th in Tier.  
Marc Sports Richard Jr Leduc
PA, 80 AB, 41 H, 33 (1B), 7 (2B), 1 (3B), 4 BB, 21 RBI, 21 RUNS, 513 BA…also had hitting streak of 13 games
Panthers Kevin Miller
Led Panthers in hits, AVG, SLUG, ONB….8th in Tier in hits, 2nd in Doubles, 2nd in HR, 4th in Slugging
Ponies Ryan Kerstens
Selects Shawn Hopewell
Shawn was again the top offensive threat in the Kanata Selects lineup. .440 average, scored 21 runs, led the team with 20 walks which gave him an ONB% of .600. He is also a scientist with a masters degree, which I am sure he has mentioned.
Best Pitcher
Team Player
Braves Brett Verberne
For a team that won one game, Brett's 3.80 ERA was one of the few bright spots for the Braves. He pitched 3 complete games, and earned 2 of our 3 ties. He left two other games with leads that were blown.
Brewers Geoff Magnus
Geoff was once again the Brewers top pitcher with a 5-1 record and 1 save, ERA of 1.97 and WHIP of 1.19. Most impressive in 2009, was his 2 complete game shut-outs of Kanata and the Diamondbacks, 2 of the top teams in the tier in 2009.
Cardinals Dave Barnes
Cubs Tyler Robinson
Diamondbacks Dave Steffler
The Diamondbacks' #1 starter, Dave's numbers speak for themselves.  Dave led the Dbacks in pretty much every pitching stat including Wins (5), IP (44 2/3), K's (51), ERA (1.72), and WHIP (0.89).  He allowed only 7 walks over his 44 2/3 innings.  In addition to his starting duties, Dave was also the coach's choice to shut down the close games coming in in relief to pick up 2 saves in a couple of tight ballgames.
Gryphons Kevin Brunet
His 41 IP were 6th in Tier, with a 2.56 ERA and 1.32 WHIP.  Also, his 33 Ks were 9th in Tier.
Marc Sports Eric Boisvert
49 2/3 IP, 37 H, 49 BB, 55 K, 6 W – 1 L,  3.24 ERA
Panthers Marc Charbonneau
2nd in Tier in Strike Outs, only 1 loss, led Tier in ERA 1.22
Ponies Kevin McIlroy
Selects Bobby Howe
Howe led the team in innings pitched strikeouts, wins and hit Braves batters. He was third in the NCBL with a 1.32 era and led the NCBL with a 0.86 WHIP.
He also won a 9th consecutive Kanata Selects Gold Glove at the pitchers position for right-handers with the last name Howe. He also illustrated a children’s novel that was co-written by Hall of Famer Paul Molitor.
Sportsmanship and Ability
Team Player
Braves Brian Samuel
I hate to write in my own name, but after a frustrating 1 win season, it took everything to keep this team together and finish the season. We did not forfeit any games, we remained competitive, and I kept my cool after being beaned 8 times this year.
Brewers Geoff Magnus
Geoff is one of the Brewers team leaders and leads by example always displaying class and sportsmanship with both umpires and opponents. Despite drawing a Tier leading 22 walks and getting pitched around game after game, he never complains and he was still able to put up a .385 AVG and led the Brewers in Slugging and On-Base percentage.  He was also the Brewers top pitcher and starting short-stop when not pitching.
Cardinals Troy Cryderman
Cubs Mike Tokessy
Diamondbacks Ryan Chow
Ryan shows up and comes prepared to play on a nightly basis and has an obvious and contagious love of the game.  Ryan always carries a positive attitude and a "team" mentality.  Ryan secured himself a spot as the Dbacks #2 batter in the lineup and brings speed and contact hitting to the batting order.  A starting lineup middle-infielder, Ryan displays sportsmanship and ability in way that is easily recognized by his teammates who have voted him the team's sportsmanship award winner for the 3rd consecutive year.
Gryphons Bobby Brooks
In his third year as a Gryphon, Bobby turned it on and became a true team leader.  He led us on the field– posting a 3.59 ERA in 37 IP and a .354 BA – and off:  his fiery competitiveness and vocal leadership were a big part of the glue that kept us together as a team in a very trying year.  When the offence and defence let him down when on the mound, most notably in three-hitter losses over 7 and 8 innings, Bobby was steadfast as a team player, taking it all in stride and never pointing a finger.  Instead, Bobby supported struggling teammates and encouraged all to keep at it.  Bobby will be a first-time recipient of the Gryphon Award, given out on our team for sportsmanship and ability.

Marc Sports Eric Proulx
Éric is the best sportsmanship guy in the league, he is an amazing player and never say a bad word to an another player or referee... 85 PA, 34 H, 1 HR, 453 BA...
Panthers Chris Latimer
Ponies Kurtis Miller
Selects Casey Wood
Casey was again one of the top Selects offensively this year. Along with being very offensive, Casey contributed greatly to the Selects pitching staff. Just when you think the description is finished, it keeps going. Casey is also well known for his ability to be a fine defensive catcher while kissing the finest ass of every umpire in the NCBL (a skill greatly appreciated by his pitchers). He is can speak fluent Spanish…in German.
Rookie of the Year
Team Player
Braves Jamie Straw
because he is our only rookie....for the 42 year old rookie who made his name in Ottawa as a wide receiver 20+ years ago, Jamie's return to baseball after a long hiatus was marked by some great (and some not so great)  defensive plays. He has to be the fastest old guy in the league.
Brewers no nominee
Cardinals Chris Murphy
Cubs Mark Stuckless
Diamondbacks Justin Bouchard
Having recently moved to Ottawa, Justin was looking for a team to play for and the Dbacks were happy to offer him a roster spot after only one try-out.  Justin filled two much needed positions on the team bringing solid left handed  hitting and effective left handed pitching to team.  In his rookie season, Justin posted a 3-2 win loss record with 1 save, striking out 35 batters in 34 innings, making an appearance on the mound in 9 games.  Justin also secured himself a spot in the heart of the batting order while playing outfield or DHing when not pitching.  He was a welcome addition to the team and no-doubt contributed to the overall success of the Dbacks return to Tier 1.
Gryphons Andrew Spurrell
The Gryphon Rookie of the Year, Andrew was a great find this year, posting a 3.16 ERA and 1.58 WHIP in 31 IP in his first year in the NCBL.  When not on the mound, he also regularly flashed the leather at SS and 3B, with one of the best infield arms in the Tier.
Marc Sports Denten Neil
55 PA, 18 H, 14 (1B), 2 (2B), 1 (3B), 1 (HR), 9 BB, 12 RBI, 18 RUNS, 409 BA, 13 SB
Denten is very solid on defence with no error this year.....
Panthers Mike Evans
Batted 0.333 and had 3 Wins as a pitcher with a 2.10 ERA
Ponies Ken McIlroy
Selects Matt Sauve
Sauve hit an astounding .480 avg. this year. He led the team in triples, and had a slugging % of .800!, all this while having to adjust to the daunting pitchers of the NCBL. He also led the league with the best nickname given by mother with ‘Babycakes’