as revised June 15, 2023

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Information about Wood Bats in the NCBL - click here


Additional noteworthy NCBL RuleDifferences from Standard Baseball 

- by-law 2.2: games are 7 inning/extra innings within time limit. Mercy rule of 10 runs any time after 5 innings (including playoffs).  

- by-law 2.2 NOTE 1: playoff games are guaranteed to be 7 innings as long as run differential is less than 5 runs. If stoppage becomes necessary game is suspended.

- by-law 2.2 NOTE 2: in playoff games, if the visiting team scores any runs in the top of an extra inning and stoppage becomes necessary, the game is suspended. 

- by-laws 2.2 NOTE 3: if a playoff game starts and a stoppage becomes necessary before the 5th inning, the game is suspended.

 - by-law 2.4:  teams in all tiers can play with only 8 players. Automatic out for 9th batting slot.

- by-law 2.5: grace period is usually 15 minutes but is 30 minutes for 6:15 games with no change in 8:15 end time

.- by-law 2.9: in case of injury or ejection, when no substitutes remain, any player except an ejected player may re-enter the game.

- by-law 2.11: DH is permitted for any defensive player. Player being DH'ed for can only pinch hit for the DH unless the DH plays defensively first.

- by-law 2:15: pitchers shall be limited to 5 warm-up pitches between innings

- by-law 4:18: catcher hurry up rule. Whenever there are 2 outs, a catcher who is on base may choose to be replaced by the last out.

- by-law 4.19: wood bats only in all tiers.

- by-law 6.6: players may be ejected even after play has ended. This is considered a 7th inning ejection for suspension purposes.

- by-law 7.1: batters and base-runners must wear approved helmets with double ear flaps.