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Bill Beelen 

613-224-9294 home
613-612-9684 cell


Craig Cornell

613-249-9036 home 
613-580-2424 x 46203 work

Umpire-in-Chief (UIC)

Mark Keeping  

613-617-9464 cell

Deputy UIC

Neal Phadnis

 613-220-0605 home
Deputy UICDan Miner

Umpire Assignor

Mark Keeping

613-617-9464 cell

League Secretary

Cory Bond

613-889-2679 cell


Joe Beelen

613-355-5565 cell

Tier 1 President

Rob Lay


Tier 2 President

Brian Samuel

613-862-6668 cell

Tier 3 President

Colleen Embury

613-447-7069 (cell)

Tier 4 President

John Mendonca 613-864-3469 cell


Joe Beelen

613-355-5565 cell

Operational Committee

Brett Stott

613-552-0886 cell

Operational Committee

Ben Milinkovich

613-867-1032 cell
Operational CommitteeLouis Gadbois
Ops Com AdvisorGary

The National Capital Baseball League is Ottawa's only adult amateur baseball league. The league consists of many teams from around the region including Ottawa, Nepean, Kanata, Orleans, Gloucester, Gatineau/Hull, Metcalfe, Winchester, Kingston, Carleton Place and Cornwall.

The NCBL offers players the chance to play the great game of baseball in an organized, fun, and competitive atmosphere. The league is divided into 4 "tiers" with Tier 1 being the most competitive with the highest level of skill. The other Tiers play under the same competitiveness, rules and structure as Tier 1, albeit with slightly lower levels of skill. Besides skill levels, the major difference between the Tiers is the number of games in the regular season (in Tiers 1-3, teams play 24 games while in Tier 4, teams play 20 games). With this structure, the league tries to offer all players the opportunity to play baseball on a level playing field appropriate to their skill levels.

The schedule runs from the middle of May until mid September. NCBL games are played on all nights of the week. Typically games are played at 6:00, 6:15, and 8:30pm on weeknights and at a variety of times during weekends on a number of different fields around the city. In Tiers 1-3, teams play 2-3 nights a week while teams in Tier 4 play about twice a week.

Games ARE umpired and normal baseball rules are used. Each tier plays out a regular season schedule, and then each tier conducts a playoff to crown a champion for the tier. At the end of the season, awards are given out for individual and team accomplishments. Beginning in 2009, the league has also organized a Fall-Ball NCBL season that is played on Saturdays in September/October.  Fall-Ball teams are drafted annually from a mix of interested players from all tiers and multiple teams. Fall Ball is now offered every 2nd year, with the next year to be in 2022 (maybe).

New players are always welcome!  All teams are on their own to recruit players and fill out their roster.  The best way to find a team is to visit the NCBL Facebook Group (link at and post your info.  Teams also post ads there if they are actively looking for players.  Additionally, new players could visit the fields once the season starts to speak with teams directly to see if they have some open spots.

The NCBL is run strictly on a volunteer basis, and is governed by an executive elected by team representatives. Each team is expected to contribute to the league in one way or another.

Each team in the NCBL is independently operated with responsibility for team finances, team recruitment, and team philosophy and discipline. Some teams have sponsors while other teams do not.

For the history of the NCBL go here...

For more information on the NCBL, email or one of the executives listed above.